How EAS works?

  1. EAS Unit will Develop small scales of socio economic development project proposals and case management …. Etc..
  2. This Unit will Maintain websites ,database, producer group profile, producer group cases and so on ….
  3. This unit will continually help the SMEs to link the marketing value chain, networking and advocacy with the holistic perspectives.
  4. The unit will help village level producer group to reach their product the world market through tele, electronic marketing
  5. EAS unit will provide training in all economic related areas to local entrepreneur with the view to starting, expanding existing business.
  6. Awareness program regarding business law, production of quality goods with national and international standard will be conducted by the staff members
  7. This unite will regularize the micro finance system that is to providing advisory service , providing mentors/experts, educating them the saving and investment, micro credit and insurance.